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Friday, October 31, 2008

Rocco does it again for Mito Disease

Well, Rocco did it again ... he scored millions of impressions for Mitochondrial Disease awareness by homering in the top of the 7th to tie the score at three apiece in the exciting World Series finish on Wednesday night.

Despite the Rays' eventual 4-3 loss in the rain-soaked series, Rocco Baldelli is a HERO to many children and adults living with mitochondrial disease, not to mention their parents and siblings. I hope he is able to keep the awareness train going by really getting involved in the advocacy side of Mitochondrial Disease. Way to go Rocco!

To see just how much something like this provides inspiration, visit the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation website.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Rocco Baldelli wins the pennant ... with mitochondrial disease!

Kate forwarded me the following email from Donna and Norman Pulliam, big advocates for mitochondrial disease. Amazing.
As you all know, we are passionate about promoting awareness of Mitochondrial Disease. As supporters of the Caroline Virginia Mitochondrial Disease Fund we want you to know when there are interesting stories of others who are battling a diagnosis of Mitochondrial Disease. Here is the latest story that gives Mitochondrial Disease another face for you to recognize.

Even if you have NO interest in the World Series....we thought we would pass along a little tidbit of interest. The Tampa Bay Rays (who were in LAST place in their division earlier in the season) - have clinched a spot in the World Series by beating the Boston Red Sox.

One of their players, Rocco Baldelli, was diagnosed in the spring with a mitochondrial disease. After making his professional debut a few years ago and being considered one of the top rookies of the year, he battled a series of injuries as well as unexplainable debilitating muscle weakness. He has been doing incredibly well since diagnosis...and has even been playing this summer. And in Sunday night's final game of the American League Championship Series, Baldelli gave everyone a moment to cherish. With the score tied in the fifth inning, he lined a single to leftfield to drive in the eventual winning run in Tampa Bay's 3-1 victory against the Red Sox.

We can't help but pull for the Rays now...and for Rocco! If you would like to learn more about mitochondrial disease or Rocco Baldelli, go to

Thank you for your continued support of the Caroline Virginia Pulliam Mitochondrial Disease fund. With your help, we are making a meaningful contribution to the research and awareness of Mitochondrial Disease.

Kate and I aren't huge baseball fans, so we weren't aware of this on our own, but we are excited about the heightened awareness this brings to the disease. And we are, of course, excited for Rocco, too.