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Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring is Here!

We made it through fall and winter (i.e. cold and flu season) which is typically our trickiest time with Roxie's health and seizures, which are usually brought on by an illness.  She had a handful of seizures this fall/winter and we did end up in the ER 3 times, but never had to spend the night at the hospital this year.  Roxie's last seizure was in late January and we were able to stop the seizure at home without taking her to the ER.  Yeah!

Over the past two months Roxie has been in great health and has been making some significant strides in her development.  Last week she walked down our hall (probably close to 20 feet) with the help of a walker.  I guided the walker, but she took the steps and held on all by herself. Just last year I really wasn't sure if she would ever walk.  That just shows you to never give up hope! She's been crawling a lot and pulling herself up on our sofas.  Roxie has also become very vocal.  Phelps made a list recently and we realized that she makes around twenty distinct sounds and sometimes uses the sounds appropriately to communicate.  She says mmmm, or mmow for more and ma ma for mom and dad.  And she will say baaa, baaa for bath or ball and pa pa for grandpa.  So cute!  She also can make a few signs for eat, drink, stop and potty.  Roxie is doing very well at school, too and is using the potty pretty regularly both at school and at home.  She even gives hugs now which just melts my heart.  What a wonderful few months we've had.  Now if we can just get her to stop biting and scratching and be sure to ward off the swine flu!