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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's official. We have a son ...

Introducing Markos David Sprinkle!

October 14, 2009
September 13, 2009
July 2, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Adoption Court Date Tomorrow (Oct 20)!

Our court date, originally scheduled for Oct. 5th, was delayed until Oct. 20th. But that day, which seemed so far away, is now almost here. We do not have to appear in court in Ethiopia. Our agency will appear on our behalf. Then our Gladney social worker will call us tomorrow to let us know what happened. So think of us tonight and keep us in your thoughts and prayers that we may get good news tomorrow. If our court case does get heard and the judge states that our paperwork in in order, we will be given a travel date by the embassy. Typically the travel dates are 3 to 4 weeks after your court date. So we hope to travel by mid November if all goes well tomorrow. Another delay is always possible, but we are hopeful!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Walk With Me: StRoll in the Park news coverage!!!

David Perlmutt with the Charlotte Observer interviewed me earlier this week for his blog, The Cliff. The blog was created to highlight the crisis facing Mecklenburg's nonprofit community and to raise awareness for the many great organizations, like Easter Seals UCP, that are part of it. Here's a nice piece he wrote about Roxie and the Walk to help promote Saturday's event.

Letter to our son

We sent the following letter and photo to our son yesterday. Our new court date is next week (October 20), and, if all goes as planned, we will travel over to Addis Ababa 3-4 weeks after that. Fingers crossed. (Note that until we finalize the adoption, we cannot post his name or photos, but we sure wish we could!)

Dear [Son],

We cannot wait for you to be a part of our family. We live far away
in America and will come all the way to Ethiopia where you live to
meet you. We’ll have many adventures together including riding on an
airplane, exploring new places, eating new foods, and meeting your new
sisters, Roxie and McRae. They can’t wait to play with you and show
you around our house. And you will meet our dog, Sully. He is very
sweet and I’m sure you and he will be good friends. We hope you liked
the trucks, clothes, and pictures we sent to you.

With love from America,

The Sprinkle Family

PS - Give your caregivers a big hug from us for taking such good care
of you!