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Thursday, September 09, 2010

What a year for Roxie!

We are gearing up for our annual fundraiser for Easter Seals UCP and I knew that folks would want more details about what Roxie has been up to. We are glad to report that she has had a good year with lots of exciting development.

Roxie, age 7, is in 2nd grade at Metro School in downtown Charlotte. She has lost a bunch of teeth over the past year and we think that makes her look like such a big girl. She is also taller than little sister McRae, which hasn't happened in years.

Roxie is now extremely mobile and is moving around the house by crawling, scooting, cruising along counters and furniture, and is walking in her walker or with support. It is amazing how quickly she can move now! So we've had to "Roxie-proof" the house, but not before she
got to a few crystal glasses. She managed not to cut herself but did make quite a mess!

Roxie favorite activities are music, swimming and watching movies.
She spent lots of time at a Charlotte Swim
Club this summer with her Easter Seals UCP CAP worker and had a blast floating and playing in the water. We plan to join the Aquatic Center so that she can continue her swimming year round.

Roxie also loves music. She has a weekly Music Therapy class at Queens University. We play music for her in her room and often sing to her. Daddy loves to put on live performances with his guitar, which she enjoys and often helps him strum. We know she likes a song when she tries to hum along to the beat! Roxie also loves to watch movies and enjoys the Wiggles in particular.

Roxie was able to try out horseback riding over the summer at Shining Hope Farms and hope to get Roxie involved with a local group that has riding for special needs children during the fall. We were surprised to find that Roxie enjoyed it and didn't even mind wearing the helmet. She has come such a long way!

Roxie still has been having seizures about once or twice a month, but we are able to stop them with a strong dose of medicine and the episodes don't seem to affect her development at this point. We continue to give her daily supplements to help with her Mitochondrial disfunction and we believe that these supplements are partially to thank for her development over the past two years. We have great hope that Roxie will continue to develop and are grateful that she is a generally happy and loving child. The Sprinkle family hopes to see you all soon and invite you out to the Easter Seals Walk With Me at Freedom Park on October 16th. You can make a donation to Roxie's Rocket's to benefit Easter Seals UCP. Thank you for all of your support!